Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 6: PreMade Hostess

Smelling these wonderful homemade chocolate chip cookies makes me forget (a little) that I'm in "class" on a Saturday. Mrs. Marple's Fine Living class, that is. It's the last "food" day of the 28-day course, and personally I think we're ending on a good note with these cookies.

The point of the today's lesson, which piggybacks from yesterday's talk about doubling recipes, is that being prepared to host is part of living well.

While I was eating cookie dough from the spoon, Mrs. Marple encouraged us to not just consider the personal benefits of premade food (like better health, more time and financial savings), but to also think about how it might help us care for others.

Because who, I ask, wouldn't feel cared for with homemade chocolate chip cookies? No one, I dare say. And so I decided to make a batch and freeze the dough for later.

Which is, incidentally, a very easy thing to do. Just dump the dough on wax paper and roll it into a log. Then freeze. No advanced astro-physics degrees required.

And then when one of my friend pops over after having a very bad day,
I can pop some of the dough into the oven and have fresh cookies for her in minutes. Guaranteed to improve her mood.

Aside from cookies, Mrs. Marple also reminded us that there might likely come a time when one of those premade frozen entrees we had stashed away for the future could come in handy for a neighbor who just had a baby or a friend who was ill. It makes the good intentions that we all have that much easier to follow through on.

I have to say that that Mrs. Marple is pretty smart.

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