Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 21: Upgrading the Ordinary

This weekend I was thrilled to inherit a set of beautiful china from my husband's family.

Naturally I had to come home and use it immediately. Particularly the teacups, which are the most delightful cups to drink beverages out of In The Whole World.

And while I was drinking my tea and eating my blueberry scone for Sunday brunch, I was thinking about how Mrs. Marple recently taught us that part of Fine Living is to turn ordinary situations into opportunities for small celebrations.

Celebrating what? we asked.

Celebrating life, she said.

And I had to agree that there was something special about my regular Sunday brunch when I was drinking my usual tea out of fine china.

The occasion certainly didn't call for fine china. I didn't have guests over. It wasn't a holiday. My birthday isn't until February.

But Mrs. Marple encouraged us to splurge on the simple even if the occasion didn't call for it. Otherwise, she reminded us, we might never use that fine china. Or that beautiful beaded necklace we're saving for a fancy event. Or that bottle of champagne we have stored away for an impromptu promotion or announcement.

Fine living, she said, is not just for special occasions. In fact, it is the most enjoyable when applied to the mundane, day-to-day routines that fill up the majority of our lives. Try it, she coached. Wear your fancy necklace to work. Drink your champagne with a tv dinner while watching Office reruns.

And have Sunday brunch with your fine china.

Celebrate the ordinary by giving it an upgrade. It's good advice, in my opinion. That Mrs. Marple sure is smart...

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