Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 23: Mine, only Better

If there is one point about fine living that Mrs. Marple Really wants us to learn, it is that we probably already own just what we're looking for.

Like my pink shoes, for instance.

Since I'm wearing a purple and gold dress to an event next month (you've seen previews of it here), I definitely needed some fancy shoes to go with it.

So rather than head out to the closest shoe store,
I decided to see if I could upgrade something from my closet.

First I cut a few strips of purple leftover from the fabric I made my dress with, and trimmed the edges to resemble ribbon.

Then I applied some fray check solution to the edges because I'm way too lazy to stitch them. (Fray check is a sewer's best friend. As is stitch witch tape, the seam ripper, and anything fusible.)

Then I gathered along one of the sides like this, and sewed the folds together. What I had created roughly resembled a fan.

Then with MacGyver-esqe skills, I used an Exacto-knife, bobby pin and paper clip to create and attach the rosette (I promise that I'll write up formal instructions, minus the ad hoc paper clip, and provide them soon!).

And what I ended up with is my regular pink shoes, complete with a charming embellishment that coordinates perfectly with my new dress.

And with the purple shirt I'm wearing today.

And with my jeans.

Okay--so I may never take the rosettes off again.

Mrs. Marple would be proud.

**on a side note: I showed my creation to my husband, who promptly shook his head and said "who does that?", of course. And maybe you...

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  1. Very, very cute!! Are you planning on wearing this to THE wedding in 2 weeks and 5 days??? Cuz I would love to see it in person!!


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