Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ditching Class

Alright, so I admit it. I ditched Marple's class on Sunday and went to a festive Oktoberfest in a small mountain town.

They had live music, complete with lederhosen. Lots of polka, folks. Lots of polka.

And since I have a little German in me (okay, maybe a lot of German), I had to eat the authentic fare, like this kielbasa with kraut and apple strudel for dessert.

Caesar, unfortunately, did not get to enjoy the food like me. Although he really wanted to. Really, really wanted to.

Of course there were some events to attend to as well. Like this mug holding contest, which looks harder than it is. The main reason to enter? Free beer.

I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this Giant St. Bernard, complete with his fancy German necklace.

Finally, we caught some of the traditional dancing (again with the lederhosen) right before we left.

Our stomachs were full with beer and brats, our legs were tired from dancing (okay, so maybe just my legs...), and our noses were burned from the warm Colorado sun (okay, so maybe just my nose...).

Sorry Mrs. Marple--I'm sure you had a good class. But was there beer and lederhosen? I doubt it. You just can't compete...

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