Monday, March 15, 2010

Adieu to "On Being a Lady"...but only for now

With just a few formal days of winter left, it is time to say goodbye to my winter series, On Being a Lady. But before the official adieu, allow me to state that this has been a lot of fun. The fancy hairstyles, the talk of all things feminine, the sugary treats... I’ve enjoyed every post and project, from the silly “boudoir” article to the pearls of wisdom.
In a culture that is so fixated on efficiency, it has been refreshing indeed to spend some quality time focused on beauty, radiance, luxury and glamour. And it’s been even more refreshing to know that these attributes can be achieved with more creativity than money, and more resourcefulness than consumption.
Furthermore, it has been so nice to be reminded about what it is to be female. Not “worker bee.” Not mommy. Not business owner. Not consumer.

But female. Girly. Womanly. Ladylike.

And I’ve loved hearing more from you during this series! I’ve cherished your comments, be they on which fashion you prefer, or how you express your femininity, or how your husband/boyfriend enjoys queso and wears too much denim, too! It is very rewarding for me to see a small community building right here in this online space.

Fortunately, though this series is ending, many of the themes we’ve been exploring will carry right on into the next series. Though I don’t have all of the details worked out yet, I know that we’ll be spending a lot of time talking about what it means to finally blossom--to come into our femininity and our creative talents. So stay tuned to hear more about that soon!

But before then, I will be taking a brief reprieve from updating daily. I need to hunker down and do some planning/writing/crafting (aka my version of a Spring Break) so that I am prepared for the rapidly approaching new season! As such, I won’t be posting for the rest of this week. But rest assured--I’ll be back next week with a series of montage posts featuring my favorite things, and then the new series will launch the week after!

So thank you, friends, for joining me during the journey toward being a lady, and I’ll see you again very soon! Hope you have a great week!


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