Thursday, March 11, 2010

One of Those Days (a MadLib)

note: DON'T CHEAT! BEFORE you read this post, make a list of the following in order:

emotion; outfit; garment;(spouse, roommate or pet); color 1; color 2; beverage; common location you go to; food 1; food 2; common location you go to (same as before); acquaintance; adjective 1; adjective 2; emotion; food 1(as before); food 2 (as before); noun; snack 1; snack 2; (spouse, roommate or pet); a pet peeve; garment; beverage; sitcom; number; beverage
(Insert your name) woke up this morning feeling ________ when she looked at the clock and realized she was already getting a late start to her day. So she rolled out of bed, hit the shower, and then put on her _________ only to discover that her _________ was unfit for public.

She muffled a frustrated yell so as to not wake up her __________ and then tried to apply her ________ lipstick and _______ eyeshadow while also drinking her morning _________. She was trying so hard to be on time to _________ for once, but was also making an earnest effort to look somewhat feminine.

Making up for lost time, she rushed through the kitchen, grabbing her lunch sack that she diligently prepared the night before. She was so looking forward to the ________ and _________ leftover from earlier. Bag in hand, she made it into the car and out of the neighborhood without spilling her hot drink or forgetting her cell phone.
(Insert your name) got settled into __________ and watched the time fly by quickly without incident. Before lunch, she ran into _______ who said that her hair was _________ and her outfit looked __________. This, naturally, made her feel _________.

The day, however, was about to turn because when (insert your name) finally got to lunch, she realized that her ________ and ________ was really ___________. She’d grabbed the wrong bag by mistake. So she did what any normal woman would do and hit the vending machine to buy a _______ and ________.
After surviving the afternoon, she made it home, got inside, and immediately realized that __________ had __________. Dropping her bags, she went upstairs to put on her coziest ________, headed downstairs to pour a glass of __________, and told anyone present that if they valued their life they would leave her alone.
Two episodes of ___________ later, and ________ glasses of _________, she was feeling much better--sleepy in fact. So she said goodnight to her day and went to bed.

The end.

Final Note: It would be Oh So Much Fun if you posted your MadLib in the comments section!

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  1. For the record, I would post my MadLib but it's kinda hard to be spontaneous when you've written the story....

    Also for the record, Craig strongly questioned my choice of publishing a photo with me in a mustache and goatee. I told him that he had no sense of humor...

    Besides, he has a mustache and goatee--what's the big deal?


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