Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rose Obsession: a new pink cardigan

I had bittersweet feelings when I finished knitting this sweater last weekend. On the one hand it was nice, as usual, to complete a project and have something lovely and new. On the other hand, I know that this will probably be the last sweater I knit for many weeks.
You see, once the weather starts to get warmer, the idea of curling up with balls of soft, warm wool starts to lose its appeal. I don't want to curl up--I want to lay out in the sun. And I don't want wool--I want bathing suits and linen and thin cotton.
Of course, it's not quite time for those aforementioned lighter fabrics. After all, we had a foot of snow just last week! So this pink cardigan is a very good way for me to start wearing my summer dresses...with a little fashionable warmth to tide me through these last cooler days.
The yarn, which is a blend of bamboo and silk, is nice and soft. AND rose-colored. Like the pink petals of flowering trees. I Can't Wait for the flowering trees!
But until they bloom, you'll find me wearing this and dreaming of roses and warmer weather...

...and also feeling
just a little bit sad that winter's knitting is coming to an end.

How do you like my latest (and last of the season) sweater? Leave your comments below!

For you knitter's out there--this is a
free pattern from Berroco that I found off of Ravelry.com. Send me photos if you decide to knit one up for yourself!


  1. I just realized that technically this isn't a "cardigan" sweater. Please don't tell the fashion police about my error...

  2. CUTE! that color is just perfect. you are quite talented missy!

  3. Thanks, Meg:) Of course, you have some talent yourself with jewelry! You make lovely things!


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