Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inducting the Kitchen Aid: cream cheese frosting (part 3)

I promise that this is the last cinnamon roll post for today (note: I only said today. Be prepared for more gratuitous photos of gooey buns tomorrow!). I realize that maybe you are tired of hearing about cinnamon rolls, but when I got home from my lunch and errands, the wonderful smell of cinnamon and fresh bread filled the air, and I couldn't resist the urge to finish the process and frost some buns.

(note: a small, juvenile part of me just smiled at the phrase "frost some buns." Apparently the later in the day it gets, the more I resemble a 12-year-old-boy...)
Now, the recipe I was consulting for the rolls included a Caramel Glaze to pour over the top, but I knew that just wouldn't do. Because if I was going to put TWO sticks of butter and TWO cups of sugar into these babies, you can be sure that I wasn't going to cut corners with some lame "glaze."

Oh no--I was going out with a bang. What I mean is that these rolls needed Cream Cheese Frosting and nothing less. And so I set about concocting my own recipe. I did select, as you will note below, a few lower-fat options, probably to assuage my aforementioned butter/sugar guilt, but the result was just what I wanted.
Which is to say that I wanted a light, slightly tangy frosting. I realize that some of you readers out there might prefer to load a thick, buttery pile of ultra-sugary frosting on top of your bun, but I frankly can't handle all that sweetness. So I toned down the sugar (way down). You, of course, can add more if you want. After TWO sticks of butter, I hardly have room to judge.

And the final result? More on that tomorrow...

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