Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easing In: lessons for living from spring fashion

It's no secret that I'm a bit antsy for spring this year. I'm like those young girls who choose to wear their shorts and sandals in 55 degree weather because they desperately (and prematurely) want to show off their spring break tans.

You know who I'm talking about.
I used to make fun of those girls tromping around college campuses in their weather-inappropriate attire. But an inordinately long winter this year has caused me to soften my judgment. Because the truth is that I have been attempting to force spring, too.
I wrote on Monday that I have been fighting the urge to push myself into change. I see good things up ahead, and am impatient to get there. However, in spite of my zeal, the reality is that this is a transitional season, and I need to learn the art of easing into it.
Take these lovely fashions as a metaphor, for instance, for easing into change rather than trying to forcefully coerce it. These pieces are all perfect for the realities of March. They hint at the promise of warmer weather, but still provide the necessary coverage for cooler days.

Skirts with tights, lightweight jackets, wrap dresses that can be layered over cotton and lace... These things are what it means to ease into a new season.

Notice the conspicuous lack of bare legs, of uncovered shoulders, of strappy sandals. These ladies understand that you can't force warmth, even if you do have a tan to flaunt (which, for the record, I most certainly do not). They aren't, however, clad from head to toe in the wool and boots from winter, either.

They are easing out of one season and easing into the next. And doing it beautifully.

And this art of easing is what I am trying to learn. Change, like spring, won't come any sooner just because I'm weary of winter. These things take time.

And good fashion.

What is your favorite "transitional" fashion item for this time of year? A good jacket? A lightweight scarf? A wrap dress? I probably would have to the go with the last one--a wrap dress--although I am also LOVING the new mini-skirts with tights, too. How about you?

Glossary of beautiful spring fashions from Etsy sellers:
1. denim skirt tulip mini by patkas
2. checkered dress by replicca
3. romantic grey wrap top by lirola
4. hoodie wrap, japanese print and organic soy jersey by isla new york
5. the brandenburg by little houses
6. 7 ways to wear wrap dress in juicy plum, also by lirola


  1. I covet that denim skirt. A lot.

  2. So do I! I just bought some denim to make a pencil skirt...and now I'm seriously reconsidering my design. That tulip shape is just wonderfully spring-like...

  3. Love, love, love the skirt {now all I need are legs like those!}.

  4. or some gray tights. Whichever comes first.

  5. I have a pattern that I modified to be like a tulip skirt. Its got an elastic waistband. Super easy and super cute!

  6. I've seen pics of that skirt! Super cute! I have some fabric in mind for a project just like that...

  7. i'm willing to be a guinea pig if anyone wants to try making the denim tulip skirt...

  8. oh...that's so charitable of you, Amy:) How kind to offer--


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