Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet Tooth

I couldn't very well dedicate a week of posts to my favorite things without including a few treats. Because I confess that I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.
Alright...maybe more than a "bit."
My favorite of the treats are probably cupcakes, but it's hard to say for sure. They're so cute and scrumptious. And easy to make.

Then again, so are scones. And cobbler. And cookies.
Overall I'd have to say that I prefer baking to cooking. This probably isn't great for the future of my waistline, but I can't hide who I am. There's just something appealing about flour and sugar and eggs all mixed together. Something that I don't find when...say...mixing chicken with rice and veggies.
This fondness for baked sweets runs in my family. My sister is the one who cleverly told me how to make sure my cookies don't go flat (a problem I've been having) and who knows the secrets of making zucchini bread in the croc pot. And then there's my dad, who always did the baking in the family, from birthday cakes to chocolate candy at Christmas.
Sweet tooths--the whole lot of us.

Now, if you'll excuse me...I'm going to eat some chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

Do you have a sweet tooth, or were you one of those lucky people born without one? Share by posting your comment below!

**Just one more weekday until my new series (commence loud cheering), Je Ne Sais Quoi! I can't wait!**


  1. oh, i most definitely have a sweet tooth. just found a brownie recipe that i'm going to try out this weekend :D all of those desserts look scrumptious!!

  2. Brownies are actually something I've never made from scratch before-- Let me know if the recipe is good and I'll have to try it!

  3. What is that delicious looking (berry?) pie?

  4. That would be cherry pie. The cherries were from the farmer's market. A little bit of almond extract adds a nice touch to the filling:)

  5. i just chugged down a dark chocolate campfire mocha. it's like a regular mocha, but with dark chocolate, extra whipped cream, and mini-marshmallows sprinkled on top.

    though i don't know if it could compare to those scones...

  6. The scones are good...but that mocha sounds unbelievable! Like a whole meal all by itself!


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