Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Design for the Seasons

This week I'm posting on some of my favorite things from the past year. And if you've been following my blog for any length of time, you know that one of my favorite things is to (re)decorate my home compulsively.

Now, before you start to judge me for over consuming, let me at least say that almost all of the images you see above and below are from items that have been handmade by myself or my very handy husband. Furthermore, the majority of them come from materials recycled from thrift stores, old clothing, and pieces of nature.

Part of my compulsion for redesign is to match the interior of my home with the changing seasons. For instance, right now I still have pinecones and cable-knit pillows lying around, which isn't very spring-like.

What would be more spring-like would be to swap out those items for some of the ones shown just below--like the lime green pillow covers I made last May to mimic the colors of budding Aspen trees and gray, rainy skies.
Of course, once spring passes I'll probably pull out some of the items you see in the first collage, like my great-grandmother's quilt and my patchwork pillow shams in red, white and blue (I get a little country-cottage in the summer...). And then I'll move onto the theme below. The smoky tones and woodsy textures always remind me of autumn.
And finally, a year from now, I'll once again be pulling out my faux fur throws and sheepskin and cable-knit pillows. You know--the ones I need to start putting away now that the weather is getting warmer.

Some people ask me if I'll ever get to the point when my designing is finished and I'm content with things the way they are.

These people obviously don't know me very well...

Do you do any seasonal redesigning? Share your favorite spring decorating tip below!

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