Friday, March 12, 2010

Reaching Out: breaking free from my general malaise

I’m afraid to admit that it has been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS. The kind where I succumb to the lure of a general malaise and put off everything I need to do.

And after a particularly unproductive Thursday involving a Hulu binge and some unadvised quantities of guacamole, I found myself lying in my office in the dark wondering where the day had gone, and why it has been so difficult to find the appropriate energy lately.

After some intense soul-searching over a can of root beer, I identified the culprit. No, it was not the grayish weather we had this week, although that certainly didn’t help. Rather, it is my social isolation. You see, I work from home, and as such, I spend a lot of time alone planning and writing and creating, etc. etc. Which means that I don’t always spend much time out and about.
It’s a trend, I’ve concluded, that I need to remedy. So, to jump start the process, I thought I would search for some inspiration on Etsy this morning. More specifically, I wanted to see what other local sellers in my region were crafting and listing. I reasoned that perhaps I might be able to siphon off some of their energy, and maybe even have a chance to meet some likeminded creative-types who could rub off on me.

And pull me out of my home office.

The truth is that we all need a little outside help to pull us forward from time to time. Because often our dreams and plans get trapped inside our heads or on the pages of our journals or never make it outside of the three people we really share our lives with.
This, naturally, leads to loneliness and stagnation.
Fortunately I already feel better. Just looking at these beautiful items, and knowing that their creators live in my town takes away some of that loneliness. And their example of innovative and fresh enterprise refreshes my excitement about resourcefulness and entrepreneurism. They’re putting their skills “out there” just like me. And frankly doing a fine job of it at that!
So, if like me, you're currently struggling with a little malaise yourself, perhaps the prescription is to reach out. Because we can't accomplish our goals and dreams all by ourselves, no matter how disciplined and focused we are. Trust me--Hulu and guacamole are powerful distractions...

Take a minute to visit the shops of these wonderful local sellers to Northern Colorado, or perhaps visit Etsy and search for shops in your region!

And have a great Friday!

Glossary of handmade sellers:
1. rouched bamboo cream longsleeve top by mnemosyne
2. ginseng wristlet by chick bags
3. czech glass fire polished beads blue turquoise faceted donuts by bead soup beads
4. peppermint sugar scrub by all things mint
5. small size--one pendant custom silhouette necklace by lucky me beads
6. chenille and flannel baby blanket in apples and oranges by the red pistachio


  1. Wonderful post!!

    Thanks for including me!

    MariLee Parrish

  2. What a gorgeous blog! And what gorgeous handmade items! Thanks for the mention! :)

  3. You're so welcome, MariLee and Cherie! You inspired me this morning, and I needed it!


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