Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear Winter...

note: all images are from jcrew--the store I wish I could shop at, but instead just try to copy...
Dear Winter:

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I’m tired of you.

Please go away.

I know that your role during the year is important. I hear from others that your snowy contribution is good for the planet and all. And something about the tilting of the earth being necessary, etc. etc.

And yes, I know that your presence means lots of furry stoles and silken wool trousers and cashmere sweaters. And I suppose that all of my lovely knit sweaters wouldn’t do me much good without you.

But still...

Still I would REALLY like to wear some skirts right about now. And I have an adorable pair of peep toe wedges in a muted pink that I’m dying to break in. And frankly I miss my arms. And my shoulders. Thanks to you they’ve been buried under fabric for weeks upon weeks.

Not to mention my legs. My white, pasty legs that long for the light of day and perhaps a pair of cute shorts. Or the denim pencil skirt I’m planning to make. Or the flouncy shirt dress I got at the thrift store for a steal.

It’s just that I’m so tired of wearing my jeans every day. And my wool coat. I want to run my errands around town in my cherry red trench coat with 3/4 sleeves. I want to see my toes. I want to trade-in my bulky cardigans for lighter, breezy ones.
Can’t you understand? I mean no disrespect. It’s not you--it’s me. I promise we can still be friends... But for now, I need my space. For now...




What is your favorite new spring fashion? The short shorts with wedge heels? The creamy pastel colors? The layered ruffles? Personally I'm partial to anything vintage looking, so I'm loving the belted/tailored dresses...


  1. As a winter lover, even I've had enough. I hate ice. I now have matching knees, as of this morning. Give me a lovely, flowly belted shift dress anyday! And non-freezing weather! I need to use my new book, pronto! Must find time to make a trip to a certain fabric store!

  2. I hear you! I'm ready for dresses!

    FYI: the book Kerri is referring to is Built by Wendy: Dresses--a sewing guide that I am currently coveting.

  3. oh dear! I have J Crew / Spring lust ... This is a great post. :) (Which reminds me... I need to hit the gym!)

  4. as long as spring calls for new shoes...i'm in. i have a pair of pink suede heels that are just antsy for drier weather!

  5. I hear you about hitting the gym! Or at least getting some sun (or sunless tanning cream--which I'm unfortunately allergic to...)!

    And Amy--yes--I had to indulge in a new pair of shoes in honor of spring. Not that I've had a chance to wear them yet. But they're waiting for me. Every day. Just waiting.

  6. I don't like winter at all! I just want to drive with the windows down. Open the windows in my house and wear sandals! How I miss sandals and dresses and everything summer! Good Post! :)


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