Friday, February 5, 2010

Unexpected Chivalry

I’ve been reading a lot of comments this week about chivalrous husbands and boyfriends. The kind who open doors and buy flowers and write notes.

My husband does not do any of these things. Little romantic gestures are just not in his genetic makeup. But he is a gentleman. He does give me unexpected gifts right when I need them. Like yesterday, for instance:

him: what are you up to today?
me: the usual. work. lots of work.

him: you know, you need to be careful that you don’t burn yourself out.

me: it’s too late--I’m already burned out.

him: why don’t you just take a sick day.
me: I can’t do that.

him: why not? everyone needs to take a day off every now and then.

me: well...that would be nice.

him: i know. just stay in bed. take it easy.
me: really? you think that would be okay?

him: yes. you need it. it’s okay.

And then he left for work. Three episodes of Big Love, four of Mad Men, one Project Runway, stacks of Oreo cookies, piles of lime Tostidos and two beers later...I was admittedly feeling quite refreshed.

And this morning I’m a new woman.

So thank you, Craig, for being a gentlemen in unexpected ways. Because though open doors and flowers are definitely nice, what I really needed this week was permission to take a break.

I love you--

What do you prefer for a special treat: jewelry or really tasty food? Share your thoughts here!

Glossary of treats and pretty things from Etsy:
1. Himalayan pink salt truffles - 15 pc. by vintage confections
2. humble heart earrings by charm du jour
3. white chocolate covered peppermint joe-joe's sandwich cookies valentine's by sweet tooth sweetie
4. little poppy bowl by prince design uk
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  1. Dang -- that's cute! And its not even your birthday yet!
    And good job taking a break; its true we all need it every once in awhile. Sometimes it just takes someone else to remind us!

  2. I've always been the kind of person who needs someone else to remind me that it's okay to stop. Usually it's my mom, but yesterday it was all Craig. And yes--two days Before my birthday, even! I'm quite spoiled!

  3. Aw, sweet story. Great post & thanks again for featuring the cookies from Bee's Knees Creative!

  4. In my opinion these kind of surprises from our men are the BEST! Opening doors, and cheesey notes are so the norm...I'm so glad you found Charm Du Jour, thanks for the feature!

  5. You're welcome, Brittney! Thanks for commenting! And those earrings are adorable!


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