Monday, February 8, 2010

Winning the Lottery

I know that the Valentine holiday is supposed to be devoted to amorous feelings and thoughts on love. It is the season of cupid and red roses and over indulging in wine and chocolate. A time for sonnets and romantic films and candlelight dinners.
And though I am all in favor of the above rituals, today I would like to focus my attention on something a little unorthodox. Because it occurred to me while considering the above that what I know of love was not so much taught to me by the affections and attentions of men, but what I’ve learned from my mom.

Bear with me here while I explain what I mean.
As a woman, to be loved in a romantic way is a gift indeed. But in order to enjoy that gift we first have to learn how to receive it. And in order to learn how to receive it, we must learn what it is to be a woman. The lessons we learn on the latter will shape the way we love and are loved for our entire lives.
And this is where I feel that I won the lottery. Because my mother has been a wonderful role model for me. She taught me about strength and faith. She modeled fidelity and integrity. And she showed me how to be a lady--both in confidence and beauty.
It is partly because of her teaching that I had the security to turn down the favors of selfish suitors in my youth. And to safeguard my heart from cheap sexuality and counterfeit affection. I was equipped to choose an honest and noble man to spend my life with because she taught me that I was worth the highest caliber of men.
Now I know that not all of us are so lucky as to have moms like the one I was blessed with. Not everyone wins the lottery. But many of us do have someone special in our life that has taught us how to give and receive love. And during this week of romance and affection, it is nice to consider them too.

Thanks, mom, for being such a good teacher. Happy Valentines Day.

Who is your “lottery” prize? Your mom? Dad? A friend? A lover? Share with us by posting your comment below!

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  1. FYI: aren't those ceramic balls the Coolest!? My friend, Mary, found them at a local furniture store and snatched them up for her grandsons. I was seriously coveting them as I snapped those photos!


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