Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dressing up Men

A conversation from early in my marriage:Overheard while preparing to attend a dinner and awards reception:

me (getting ready in a party dress): what are you planning to wear, Craig?

him: I'm not sure yet. Do I really have to go?

me: yes. We've been through this. You're coming. Now I was thinking that you could wear your dark corduroys. You know--the ones I bought for you for Christmas three years ago.

him: I'm not wearing those.

me: why not? They look good on you and you never wear them. People will be dressed up, you know.

him: they're not comfortable. And I don't care what other people are wearing. Do I really have to go?

me: You're going! Well, if you aren't going to wear the corduroys, what about your Dockers? You could wear your white button-up--the one you like that you took on our honeymoon--and your linen sport coat.

him: I want to wear my jeans.
me: You ARE NOT wearing your jeans! Why do we have to go through this every time we go out!?

him: Because you never listen.
me: that's ridiculous. People will not be wearing jeans, Craig. Seriously--you have to pick something else.

him: I'm not going if I can't wear my jeans.

me (giving him The Look): you're going. And no jeans!
Sometime later at the event, much to my dismay, a gentlemen walks in looking dapper in a cowboy hat, a white button-up shirt, and...you guessed it...jeans. Turns out, he was the recipient of one of the awards.

my husband (turning to me): If he gets to wear jeans, so do I.

And I've been losing the battle over denim ever since.

glossary of dapper men's clothing and accessories, all from Etsy sellers:
1. mod mens over coat by good grace
2. 50's men's pierre cardin executive suit by the brush factory
3. vintage mahogany lace-up oxfords by squeaky wheel collective
4. men's shirt - navy/white gingham STYLE No. BKT10 by brooklyn tailors
5. vintage 70's wide boho brown leather belt by skinny and bernie
6. men's suit - grey worsted wool STYLE No. BKT50, also by brooklyn tailors
7. vintage steampunk handcrafted watch by revolt70


  1. Now if we could just get them to look at neckties as a wonderful means of self expression...Nawh. Never happen!

  2. I can count the times on one hand that my husband has worn a necktie! He would probably rather wear scratchy burlap on his body than spend a day with a tie on. You're right--they'll never be convinced!

  3. I think its funny! Matt likes to dress up (on occassion). Thanks goodness I don't have to deal with a bad attitude when it comes to this!

  4. Yes...rub it in, why don't you. Craig and I couldn't be more on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to fashion. You know those couples who look like they just "go together"...? Yeah--we aren't one of those. Heels vs. holey sweaters.

    Good thing I love him:)

  5. This is hilarious! Sounds like our house... and trickles down to our 3 boys as well. ha ha! These are beautiful finds, too.

    Your blog is absolutely gorgeous... eye candy all around! Just added it to my google/reader. ;)

  6. Thanks Teresa! I'm finding that I'm not the only one losing the denim battle. Craig and I will probably have a daughter someday who insists on being a tomboy and then I'll REALLY lament!


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