Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring Fever Day

I know that the calendar has deemed this “President’s Day”--one of those “optional” holidays that most of us don’t really get off--but frankly I call it by another name having nothing to do with presidents. For me, today is always Spring Fever Day.

President’s Day, you see, usually falls with spooky accuracy right around the time my winter cabin fever sets in.
Because every year I cruise through the cold months content to hunker down, and then a few things happen right at mid-February:

1. my Martha Stewart Living March issue arrives in the mail. It is always their annual gardening issue, full of photos of lovely landscapes and planting tips. The glossy pages are green and fresh, making me long for all things green and fresh...

2. Target pulls out their spring fashion line.
I oogle the sandals and skirts; I covet the dresses. And I come home craving the opportunity to ditch the sweaters and socks and soak up some sun.

3. my house becomes intolerably musty, dusty and sticky, indicating the tell-tale signs that a thorough spring cleaning is rapidly due.

4. and I start brainstorming
ideas for my spring blog series.

Unfortunately, as many of you know, Spring Fever Day is just a tease. There are weeks left of winter still. The grass is brown and dead. The sun is too far away for soaking. The wind is too chilly for opening windows and airing out. And my toes would just look freakishly frigid and purple in sandals.
But I can hear the call of warmer air, of blossoms and buds, of skirts and sandals. Tomorrow, of course, we’ll resume our current series on Being a Lady (with a guest writer, Yay!), and wrap up the winter in style.

But until then...I'll be nursing some sweet spring dreams.

What do you do to combat spring fever? Share your comments below!

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