Friday, February 12, 2010

notes on a play day

With all of my good intentions for getting work done crammed into a figurative box with the lid shut tight, I deemed yesterday a “play day.” Yes, I know that last Thursday was a “sick day”--also involving little to no work--and just a week later I am repeating the theme (perhaps I’ve created a new trend?), but I had some birthday cash burning in my wallet and a compulsive urge to snoop through fashion books at the bookstore.

So though my plan for today was to post some pics of my latest project--a petal top repurposed from one of my old shirts--I confess that I did not manage to complete it.
To be fair, hand stitching small silk petals to the front of a blouse is a tad bit time consuming, and I am almost finished...

In fact, here’s a peek at the work-in-process:
What do you think? Ethereal and lovely....? ...or faintly resembling a chicken? The husband suggested the latter, to which I stuck out my tongue and told him that his opinion doesn’t count. What does he know about fashion, anyway? He wears sweaters better suited for hobos most days during the winter. Chicken...Hrmph! I scoff at the notion! other news, I did also invest some quality time at the thrift store yesterday. And I found a few adorable items that apparently someone else decided no longer suited them. It’s their loss, I say... For instance, I’m currently in love with the belted shirtdress. In fact, a half-constructed one is hanging in my closet waiting for me to finish sewing it. But I’m not sure it will turn out as fun as this one. Last night my dad said that I was “getting more and more fashionable everyday,” which sounds like a compliment on the surface but truthfully I think he thought I looked a little silly in my fedora and red lipstick at 9 p.m. And is true that such duds are not required when supervising the bath time of a toddler and bouncing a hungry infant on my knee (my nephews), but I refuse to be judged.
Fedoras are for everyday, people. Everyday. Finally, my last item on this rather random list of updates is that I bought a new sewing machine. Remember that birthday money burning a hole in my wallet? Well, I used it to purchase a baseline Singer for beginner sewers.

I know what you’re thinking--I’m not a beginner sewer. Of course you’re right. The truth is that I bought the machine a) so that I could have one to travel with (mine is attached to a table, thus making it pretty difficult to take around town...) and b) so that I could offer it to crafters wanting to dip their toes into sewing without making the upfront financial commitment.
In other words, I intend to rent it out for brief trials. I’ve encountered so many people lately who are interested in sewing, but are not convinced that they would like it or be good at it. And since most of us don’t have access to a high school home economics classroom, learning to sew with a minimal monetary investment is challenging.

And this is where my new little Singer comes in. I’ll be offering it for test drives--to give people a chance to learn the basics of sewing (and to learn whether they like it) before they run out and buy a machine. More details on that to come...

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your Friday! Come back this weekend to read about my next Winter Renovation project--a handmade rug! And on Sunday to read a special soliloquy I’ve written dedicated to my husband for Valentines Day.

What are your plans for the weekend? Share by commenting below!


  1. Am I to assume due to your complicit silence that my petal top really does, in fact, resemble a chicken?...

  2. Nope. I think any chicken would be proud to trick out in such togs. Just be sure to keep the petals positioned so the slim, svelte waist of the wearer will be on display.

  3. Thank you for countering my poultry fears! And I will definitely keep your "petal positioning" advice in mind!


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