Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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Hello Friends--

I know I've been a bit off-topic this week--sort of jumbled and disorganized--so bear with me as I post yet again on a subject outside of my norm.  You see, it seems that every year around this time I find myself slightly overwhelmed and little disoriented--like I'm hanging in-limbo between two seasons.  One season--the holidays--has passed, and the other--spring--has yet to begin.  And I'm passing through the middle, slightly dazed.

In other words, what I could really use right about now is a chance to Recenter.  To remove all the clutter (mental and otherwise), reevaluate my priorities and goals, and...well..."freshen up" for spring.  Judging from my recent past, this process usually works itself out in a few weeks time with the aid of some spring cleaning, warmer weather, and my trusty journal.

So, beginning today I am going on a "ReCentering" cleanse.  Not the kind involving anything to do with my colon, thank you very much, but the kind involving all those things I mentioned above.  I'll still be posting daily, of course, but perhaps weaving this theme of refocusing for a new season into our discussions about being a lady.  

With that, I'm off to begin the Centering process.  I'll be back tomorrow with more information and (hopefully) a plan that you can join me on!  

Talk to you soon!


  1. I was just thinking this about myself last night. I'm all over the board...although I don't think I can blame it on anything seasonal. I fear it's more of a personality thing over here. :)

  2. I would agree. For me, things just feel in limbo, but I get the sense with just a little more time (and waiting) things will fall into order. Hurry up Spring!

  3. I'm glad that I'm not alone! Things are just sorta jumbled right now--but I agree that waiting is the key strategy.

    Too bad I hate waiting...


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