Monday, February 8, 2010

A Lady's Friends...

As I mentioned on Saturday, I recently celebrated a big birthday. My thirtieth to be exact. It was a wonderful day full of friends and food and champagne.

And a visit to a bridal salon--but more on that later...
Part of my day included a lovely lunch at this trendy restaurant in a stylish Denver neighborhood. I couldn't resist snapping some photos of the decor. I loved the apple green seating, the exposed brick, and the retro lighting.
But most of all I loved the company. And this got me thinking about one of the most important aspects of being a lady: friendships. Because what is a lady, after all, without her friends and confidants? Or without her beau? Or without her mother?

In truth, our relationships say a lot about us. If we are at peace with ourselves, it tends to show through our friendships. If we nurture those manners I wrote about last week, it also shows. Peace and civility blossom into laughter and generosity and listening and love.

But if we are vain and selfish, or insecure and needy, our relationships will bear the bruise of similar deficiencies.
Sarcasm replaces laughter; jealousy trumps generosity. And so on and so on.

There have certainly been times in my life when my relationships were not as abundant as I would have liked. Wrapped up in a draining career, I had little time for champagne lunches and girl's movie nights and spontaneous romantic rendezvous. As a result, I had few friends.

Looking back, I recognize that season as one of many challenges: I struggled with insecurity daily, and wrestled regularly with my confidence. I was a shadow of the lady I wanted to be.
Through some serious soul searching and a conscientious revival of my "lady-ness," though, I am happy to report that my friendships have since blossomed along with me. And now that I'm starting a new decade of life, they are the gifts I am most eager to carry ahead with me.

So thank you, friends and family, for a great weekend! I appreciate all of you! And in honor of your place in my life (and the fact that relationships tend to take center stage around Valentines Day), I'll be spending this week talking more about how important good friends are to being a lady.

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