Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog Favorite: Housemartin

Everyone has their short (or long) list of favorite blogs.  Well, mine includes Housemartin.  I first read about this blog from a long-ago issue of Sunset magazine (they since have referenced it several times), and decided to take a gander.  What I found was a visual treat!  

Housemartin is a home and floral design blog created by the owner of Ink & Peat, a floral boutique in the Northwest.  The posts always highlight fun design finds (like the one shown above), great for inspiring ideas.

Housemartin is also the gateway through which I found Etsy.com, the online marketplace for crafty and artisan types.  For those of you who know that I now operate a small online boutique, you can see why I'm thankful for stumbling upon this blog.

Take a minute or two to check it out!

This post is part of August's Summer Squeeze series.
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