Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dining in the Library

Perhaps by now you've noticed that for me, enjoying the last leisurely bit of summer involves a lot of home design.  It's true--I'm a bit of a design fanatic.  Ever since I saw my first episode of Trading Spaces, I was hooked.  

Now that I own my own house, one of my primary ways to de-stress is design.  I sew slipcovers for my pillows, duvets for my bed, paint canvases for my walls, and find furniture deals at Goodwill.  I even have notebooks full of design ideas in case I need some inspiration.  I don't have a big budget, so a lot of the time I just like to look at pretty pictures and imagine what I want to do.

That said, I'm currently In Love with the idea of adding a library to my rather boring dining room.  I saw the picture above in a Domino magazine from a gentleman who did just that, and think it's a brilliant plan.  Click here to read more from Domino if you're curious about his design. me your latest project or plans for your home at

For those of you who might be new to my blog, rest assured, it is not all about design.  But during the last week of summer, I can't help but write about my favorite hobby!  Summer's almost over, though, and soon it is back to business---or, Back to the Basics (coming soon).

This post is part of August's Summer Squeeze series.

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