Monday, August 18, 2008

Get the Look

On many occasions on this blog I have touted praise for, an online marketplace for "indiepreneurs" who want to use their creative/crafty talents to earn some money (see the sidebar for a link to my etsy shop, the beAdornable boutique).  

One of the things that etsy does that I love is to select a theme and pull together from a variety of stores items that fit the theme.  Their selections are always fun to look at, and I am particularly drawn to anything that strikes me as being classically glamorous or vintage (1950's vintage--not 1980's vintage).  

One recent collection was titled "get Scarlett Johansson's look," and I loved every piece they picked (see pics above).  In addition to the good taste, I love how these themes showcase the variety that can be found on etsy, and how fun it is to shop.

Click here to read the "get Scarlett Johansson's look" post, and maybe do some etsy browsing on your own.

Updates about the beAdornable boutique?  I am gearing up to launch my fall collection early September, and can't wait!

This post is part of August's Summer Squeeze series.

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