Friday, August 1, 2008

Squeezing out every drop of Summer

I feel like I haven't taken much of a summer break on this blog.  I mean, we've been tackling some pretty serious issues, like money and the economy, during a season when beach balls and sunscreen should be on the brain.

So, to make up for all the brain power spent over the last 8 weeks, I thought I'd take advantage of the last days of summer and actually enjoy some leisure, and invite you to join me.  My plan is to take a vacation, not from blogging, of course, but from some of these heavier topics I love to dabble in.  And like all true vacations, I plan to read lots of magazines, enjoy good food, tackle late-summer projects (like my garden), and in general take-in the last of these summer days.

In the spirit of this "vacation," you can expect to hear lots from me about my favorite magazine tips, updates on my domestic projects (please feel free to counsel me!), pretty things I stumble across, and perhaps a review of a good book I've read.  

I'm sure I'll be ready to jump into the fall when September rolls around, but until then, I plan to squeeze every last drop out of this summer.  I hope you'll do the same!

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