Friday, August 29, 2008

Farewell to Summer

Well, it's finally here.  The end of summer.  Yes, I know that technically fall doesn't begin until mid-September, and the weather is still warm.  But for me, the season is over when Labor Day commences.  Football starts, and the days get shorter, and it won't be long before I have to add another blanket to my bed at night.

Summer's end, of course, marks the end of the Summer Squeeze series where I celebrated all things fun and leisurely.  Fun and leisure isn't over, per se, but it's time to refocus for the fall.  

I've been talking all month about starting a Back to the Basics series in September.  This series, starting next week, will focus on one thing: making sure our "home base" is solid.  By home base, I mean the home.  And by solid, I mean that it is strong enough to provide us with the peace and energy we need to tackle the busyness of fall and the holidays.  My theory is that we need strong roots so that we can be strong leaders.  As HGTV says, we'll "Start at home."

You'll also notice a few changes to this blog, like a new title.  Yes, I'm still passionate about domestic life, and we'll still talk a lot about it here on this blog.  But I'm also passionate for community leadership and female entrepreneurship, so we'll be talking about that too.  

Other changes are happening even now on, and you can expect me to be mentioning my website a lot in the months to come.  Why?  Because it is a hub for all of the ideas I mention here on this blog, and I'll be adding new resources, testimonies, and activities frequently!  I invite you to check it out, and keep visiting, to find "lifestyle inspiration" and opportunities to share!

Though I am a little sad to see the sun set on summer, I am excited to jump into fall.  I hope you'll jump with me!  See you next week!

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