Friday, August 15, 2008

New Belgium

Because beer is my most favorite summer beverage (and it happens to be great in the fall, too), I thought I would highlight a hometown favorite.  On the other side of town from where I live is a great micro-brewery that some of you may be familiar with: New Belgium.

In addition to great beer (Fat Tire is one of my all-time favorites), they are also a great company.  When jobs open up at New Belgium, they don't stay open long.  Why?  Because they have fun.  On a tour of the brewery I took a few years ago, I was intrigued to see offices full of creative clutter, as well as a spiral slide to use as an alternative to stairs (yes, that's right--grown-ups travel down slides at New Belgium).  Fun aside, here are some other cool things about the brewery:

* it is employee-owned, so employees get to vote on important issues, thus determining the direction and growth of the company.
* you get a bicycle on your year anniversary (as an employee), and a trip to Belgium after five.
* they are very environmentally innovative, and recycle/upcycle everything they can.  Their goal?  To be 100% waste free.

To read more about their company, or see if their brew is available near you, click here.  And if you are even traveling in Fort Collins, CO, stop by for a tour and beer tasting.  

This post is part of August's Summer Squeeze series.  
Domesticity returning soon!  Check out the Back to Basics series staring in September.

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